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Just as there is a life cycle for a flower, in the public eye, or in the minds of some people, there is a time when people should exit the stage, leave, go fishing, take a hike.

Having written for going on 25 years, I am probably, one of those people who might have past their expiration date, as far as a reading audience goes.

I have thought about that, a lot, recently. Should I hang up my fingers and brain and words and exit the writing world, stage left? Are readers bored with me? Have I said everything ad nauseous?  Have I told stories over and over and over?


Even as of yesterday, I mentioned to Nick, I think I am past my expiration date. I got off of Facebook for a purpose. Many people read my words and wrote that they enjoyed them. But that does not mean that they will follow you, stay with you, search you out, if you move from their comfort or energy zone.

That is humbling. But I also know that that is just people. Life is busy and priorities set in and lives take different directions. My life moths along. I move from different necceary duties and work and move on with new interest.

But writin. Writing and photography,  have never abandoned me. Readers might disappear, publications I have written for have come and gone and changed and love fresh voices of a new generation.

I noticed the shift after 9-11. There was a seismic shift then and with the market kefuffle in 2008.. For a while, I changed with the market. I found publications for my work.

Then I developed a nice following of readers on my FB blog. But FB bothers me. I love it and hate it. It has good technology that is often used in a less than forthright way. Politically, and otherwise. So, jut as I am independent politically, I decided to write independently.

There are more formatting options. It is mine. and that is nice.

All of that being said, what I am learning from this little venture, is that the bottom line is … independent of whether a large number of people read my words, or only a few, I love to write. It really is a spiritual thing for me. Though I have retreated. Somewhat. From a busy life, to one of gardening, nature and nurturing in a smaller way, writing makes me feel alive. It is how I sort my thoughts and let the world know that I have been here, I have learned, done some things well and screwed up othert things, and that is all part of the life I have built.

It really is a joy to touch people in some way, to strike a note of life that rings true, or is absurd, or cracks people up.

In this world of marketing, social media, LIKES, SUBCRIBES, and GOOGLE ANALYTICS, sometimes the point gets lost in my head. Not everyething can be measured in numbers. If one person reads and it affects them, it is worth it. And if I write for myself, it is worth it, too.

I am still learning to figure out life and how to live in this technology driven, results oriented, society.

But as long as the birds fly, butterflies have magic wings and the preying mantis visit, you will find me working in my garden, finding love in some aspect, everyday, and sipping tea ,,, I will write and take photographs that bring me joy. Sharing it is just a bonus.



11 thoughts on “For The Love Of Writing

  1. You have a gift and talent for writing and your prospective has a genuine human experience behind it. We all need to feel we are living out lives for the better keep writing and sharing your thoughts with your loyal following 😀

  2. Gorgeous pics. Love the ‘fog’ photos. Here is a challenge for you. Try to capture a photo of a spider web (with or without a resident) after a rain or in the morning with heavy dew so that the water droplets are visible on the web. I promise the photo will be mesmerizing especially in black and white.

    1. I have done some fun spider webs, Karen,but have never captured the host of the house … the Spider! I will keep my eye out. That’s a fun idea. Thank you for writing.

  3. I do not think there is an expectation point for writing . . . Or for photography or anything else for that matter. Writing is a craft. Like a fine wine, you only get better with age!

    1. I think that if we can release some of our expectations, we would take pressure off of ourselves and be more in the moment and without drones flying over! A bit of humor. It is work to keep my mind moving forward. It seems to be such a natural thing, but it still requires energy and dedication. I have both … sometimes. Thank you for your good thought. Susan

  4. I love to read and explore all of your adventures. You are very talented in so many areas. Keep up the writing and story telling, they are all inspiring.

  5. I am also still here. For some reason your new method of publishing does not show your pics on my phone, so I do not get the full benefit of your words until I can get to my laptop. I love reading what you have to say and what your new adventure might be for the day. For me it was easier to read the comments and answer back when you were on facebook, but I will adjust. I agree about your feelings about facebook and I have found myself not checking FB as much since I know you are no longer posting there. Keep writing, we will read!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I appreciate your friendship. I understand that this has more steps, but it is more the format that Works better.

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