God is at Dunkin


Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” 
—John 15:13–15

Tis a grey and drizzly morning here at Dunkin Donuts, my traveling sanctuary.  

It is much different than my screened porch, where I listen to birds and bits of silence, and commune with 

But yes, God here at Dunkin. He is having to speak a bit louder because rock music is playing at a pitch that the beat drums in my head, the whirring motors are loud, beeps of cash registers and the shhhh of steam fills the air. So concentrating is as easy as vacuuming, flipping an egg over on the stove and changing a lightbulb, all at the same time. 

But here we are. We have to be able to drown out the outside to hear the inside …God’s whispers. I think God just ordered a bagel with bacon and egg. 

Have you ever tried to impress God? Seriously. Have you said a lofty prayer that was a bit stilted, a bit too much of something’s but wasn’t really you? 

I have. 

I have tried to sound like a preacher, preaching my prayer to God, so that I might sound more faithful than I have been? You know, times when you are meeting new people and you want to sound smart and with it?

I have done that. Best foot forward, to guise who I really am. 

Guess what. God doesn’t desire that. He wants us o be our real selves. We don’t fool Him. He knows. 

And what He wants from us, is for us to be real with Him … we aren’t auditioning for apart in His universe. 

We are to see God as our friend, one we can be ourselves with. Do you think He cares if we have on diamond earrings or a jewel encrusted crown? Does God think more highly of that person than the poor, soiled clothed homeless man? 

Our outsides aren’t what God is interested in. That is society. 

God cares about your insides, your heart, spirit and your connection to Him.

I see God as my friend. A friend with the benefit of Amazing Grace, divine power and a plan for my life that I find out on an as-needed basis. 

If I project my future, my life, what I will do, or when it will end, God will goose me. Friends do that. They give you that tender tug or word when you are going a bit tilted. 

My mind has a tendency to thing God mostly sees my flaws. I know that I see them. But the cool thing is, God also sees our goodness, talents, things that we have done that please Him. He is our friend, when we are our own enemy. 

If we keep God center of our lives, He will lift us up to our greatest heights, and be there when if we stumble and fall. 

God is our champion! And He wants us to be His. Not necessarily with megaphones, but in quiet communion, or at a wooden booth in a noisy Dunkin Donuts. 

There are quite a few people around me now. One is stirring coffee oe is reading his phone. There is a man getting the. Subway shop ready to open in a while. 

Not one of them would know that I am tapping my toes and in good cheer because I am thinking about and thanking God. He is like having Harvey, the invisible bunny with me. 

How can I feel alone when I have God with me? That is the word God has wanted me to tell you for a long time. I have used my writing to help you not feel so alone. But the thing is, it isn’t my words that alleviate loneliness … it is God’s word. Find Him. Hug Him. And listen to Him. 

You are loved. Peace is yours. Your spirit can be filled. 


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