Life In A Day

There is no particular reason for it, my waking up at 4 and getting up shortly after. Maybe it is that I think that if I get up earlier, I will have more time, more life in a day.

So I get up and make my tea, give Winston, The Boy, attention and do a few kitchen things and then head out to the screened porch to watch birds, write and get my brain connected with the day. 

That is … until I decided to back off of FB and develop my own blog.

If you haven’t guessed it … I am an independent cuss. Although I love FB’s technology for writing, there is something about it that is for of sinister in the way that it has been operating. It isn’t just about the political aspect of it, either.

There is much about FB that doesn’t make people feel good. I truly believe that. Yes, it is a place to catch up … but, to me, and for me, it didn’t make me feel better about much of anything. And for me, that is important

So … I hit the tech road. Egad. That is a separate part of my brain that has to get revved up. And that is what I have been doing for the last few days.

It is a bit of a weird time right now, isn’t it? The locusts or cicadas are making their fall sounds. The evening light is different, more mellow and golden. There are cars in school parking lots. Not only is back to school stuff in stores, but yesterday, I dropped by Walmart to get some spray paint for my new little chair and table set I bought for the garden for $30.00 at Gastonia Pickers, and two Walmart employees were putting up Christmas stuff!

Seriously. I mean, serious??

To do technical work, I head to my office with the big desktop. My favorite writing is on my iPad, but there is limited functionality on it. So I have to go play with the big boy

But I am torn. I can’t see the birds from my office. My brain has to go into overdrive, formatting, designing, and walking my way through instructions.

But I make myself do it.


Because I need to make sure my brain stays in the game. Just as I am learning more about gardening, I want to learn how to be somewhat, technically proficient.

I have to push myself.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

So, this morning, I had to figure out why yesterday’s post appeared in a clump, instead of formatted into paragraphs. It drove me nuts

I also hit up Lowes for half dead plants and it was so hot that I felt half dead walking around. I did come home with a Knockout rose for $5.00. And, 7 more bags of pea gravel that I had to haul to the back and spread.

Yep, I was dead by 3.

But on a second wind, I made homemade pizza.


As the evening came, I was not nearly as upbeat or zippy as I had been in the morning. And I asked myself why? Why am I doing this?

Smelledlike a good perfume

I think it is because there is so much yet that I want to do. I have learned so much from the garden and hard physical work. I have learned that plants, just like people, die even though I don’t want them to. I loved the aspect of being able to nurture something, as I do Winston.

I have noticed that I haven’t been praying as much, I think, though, that God, as Mother Nature, is in my garden, in the dirt, plants, rain, weeds butterflies, birds, green lizards and bushy-tailed squirrels. So, instead of hearing my words, or me reading His … or Hers words, God gets to see me sweat. Ashes to ashes … sweat down face, dripping in eyes. I think that is in the Bible, isn’t it?

Anyway, I must learn more today. And we shall see how this post appears. Stick with me … I am learning.

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