Our Father … What does that mean?

I don’t recall what age I was when I learned the Lord’s Prayer. I believe that I was quite young. I do know that I knew the song, “Jesus Loves Me,” first.

You know how some of us have a go=to outfit, a go-to meal we prepare for company, or a go-to drink that we love, I think many of us have a go-to prayer … The Lord’s Prayer.

I have been thinking of prayer, a lot, or at least, more than normal. I am still struck by what I wrote, yesterday, how Muslims pray five times a day.

I like that.

I can say that God is with me all of the time, which I believe is true, but the bigger question is … am I with God all of the time, or do purposely or inadvertently ditch Him when I do something that is more my will than his?

I do know I have made bargains with God. I did so more in my youth. But I think he knows my tricks of taking two steps forward and three steps backwards. There are times when the human in me gets bossy and tells God to turn his eye while I I put my will before His.

I have dispensed with that, mostly, because I know God is what we would call, a know-it-all. But beyond that, He sees it all, too.

Holy smokes.

As I have confessed, there are times when I have fallen asleep saying the Lord’s Prayer. I have forgotten where I was, misplaced the words in my head. And that makes me think I am going daft.

I try as best I can, not to say the prayer in rote, but to make it have meaning.

So, I have on occasion, broken the lines down to try to understand what they mea.

Our Father who are in Heaven …
For me, this Father is the father of humankind, not just Christians, but everyone and everything. He might be called by other names, but in my mind, there is one God.

Hallowed be thy name …
The name/term God, should be honored and said with respect. I seriously dislike hearing people use the word, “God” as a response to everyday talk. It belittles God. I have done it, usually in a fit of anger, and I know it is a betrayal.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven …
I look at this line is that it is one day, we want to be in God’s kingdom, and we should act according to His commandments because they are God’s will for us.

Give us this day our daily bread …
Besides the physical sustenance, we ask for spiritual bread … to fill ourselves with a Holy Spirit. Open our hears so that God can fill them with an aresenal of love, faith, grace and forgiveness, to carry with us and use as a human.

Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors …
That is the line I was taught. Some faiths say, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
We ask God for forgiveness, yet, we, as humans, tend to hold grudges. If we are asking for forgiveness, should we forgive?
That is a tougher one.

Lead us not into temptation …
I don’t think God goes out of His way to lead us to a place where we can fail, but as humans, we can find ourselves in tempting situations. Our human traps are many … unkind words, selfish deeds, instant gratification, etc.

Deliver us from evil …
Yes, I believe there are evil people. I think we have to understand our own evil thoughts. They might not be murderous thoughts, but they are not benign.

For thine is the power and the glory forever …
A humans power will not last. God’s will. And to Him be the glory because He is with the world forever.

As individuals with various backgrounds, upbringings, studies and experiences … interpretations of the Lord’s Prayer will be many. What I gave you, was mine. I am not a theologian. I am a simple human.

It is really nice to take the time to think about the Lord’s Prayer and read how others interpret it.

I don’t have much to say, after that. I think it is time so be quiet and listen.

Peace, joy and Amazing Grace,


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