The Conflict of Spirit

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

—Galatians 5:22–23

This morning, a bird sang loudly, trying to get my attention. Instead of listening and then dismissing it, I decided it was chirping in such a way as to get my attention. So, I listened.

He flew off after I found a verse that gave me the joy of the birds calling. Because I think as I think, I believe it was Jesus calling.

If I were Muslim, it would have been Mohammad. I don’t know enough about other religions to go farther than that. It is just that the message, delivered in Galatians, is a message that I believe serves mankind.

It can get very hard, in this human world, to love, have joy in your heart, find peace, patience, offer kindness and goodness, be gentle, e faithful and use self control.

I see this as an inner conflict between our human, daily lives in this world that can sap our energy, sadden our soul, brutalize our thoughts, and make us weary of living.

Those things fight for space in our hearts, spirits and soul. They are much louder than God’s way, which is the part of us that wants peace, harmony, joy and love.

And so much of how we try to attain the peace, harmony, joy and love, is through human thingies. Yes, thingies. Material things. Human promises. Deceptive advertisers of if you do this, you will be happy … aka women’s magazines, false prophets and looking to others to bring us happiness … which in my mind, is a human word that is a bit contrived.

I have learned, in my 67 years, that conflict in my brain, heart and soul, create less than a stellar outcome. I begin grasping at things, thoughts, and paying more attention to what is going wrong, than what is going right.

I am slowly learning that life is so much more that about the steel, metal, noisy, hurried, competitive, power hungry, often greedy, world that man creates and operates in on a daily basis.

That world gives me the vapors. It unsettles my mind and lets in problems that I can’t solve. That life is a litterbug.

Yes, I know I have to exist in it and know how to rummage my way through, but I also know I can choose to not let it overtake me.


By focusing on the Light of the world. God, which for me, comes in the form of nature. The mystical beauty of looking closely at a flower, listening to the variety of sounds that come from birds, marveling at the trees, having my heart feel the joy of looking at wind, an unseen thingy, that makes its presence known moving leaves, touching our skin, making a whirligig go round.

I am trying to let the space in my heart grow larger to hod mor of God’s plan than mans.

In the car, I used to listen to the radio of cds. Now, ninety-nine percent of the time, I have silence.

Instead of being an angry bird because the world is as it is, I try to be like the birds that chipper me up. And I try to chipper up the people I meet. Yes, God speaks at carryouts.

Oh, Lord, my human self can have a busy time of it … getting snarky, confused, and pointy-headed. But I am trying to check myself when that happens, and let things go. But, I still can dwell too long.

I am not sure that is is Godlike that I just shooed a squirrel away from the bird feeder.

I just did it, again. Bad squirrel. Bad.

Although God has walked with me all these years, I haven’t always walked with Him, or let’s say, that I sort of hogged the trail. And that doesn’t have to do with the sized my butt … but the space I allowed in my heart. It was full of worldly woes.

But I am reversing that, shifting spaces, thoughts … opening up more room for what God has to offer than what does.

So, this long-winded post is coming to a close. The birds are telling me to wrap it up.