This is what’s on my mind

In the car a couple of days ago, I had this brilliant idea. It also made me laugh.

You know how President Trump really, really wants a wall built along the border between Mexico and the United States? 

Well, I have come up with a great, great, very great, idea. Me, with the low IQ, big hands, big feet and bad hair. This is a uge, uge, uge, idea that will creat billions of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue. 

You know how China (pronounced Gyna) has their Great Wall? I mean, it is really big … uge. It is a Wnder of the world and attracts billions and billions of visitors, tourists with cameras and credit cards. 

Why don’t we build a Great Wall of the United States? Model it after China’s? Turn a negative into a positive. Have concession stands. Souvenirs. Maybe a Broadway show or two.

For those who want to cross borders legally, there will be a uge Golden Door and a Welcoming committee. 

For those who want to come in illegally, there could be an obstacle course, complete with alligator wresting and walking a high wire. They could also have Alex Trebec put them through a few rounds of Jeopardy. If you pass all of that, you, too, would get to go through the Golden Doors. 

If that works out, we can build one between the United States and Canada. That wall would be even more uge. 

I haven’t figured out what style the wall should be, but I know that chain link won’t be involved. What style do you think would look lovely? Contemporary , neoclassical, stucco? 

There is a nifty female cardinal at the bird feeder. Otherwise, it is a pretty quiet morning. 

I have to go. I need to write to The Donald. 


8 thoughts on “This is what’s on my mind

  1. Lol, that is a great morning laugh. I just love the path you mind wanders. Yes, please write the Donald and sell him on the new wall idea. Oh heck, even throw in a parade and fireworks. I can just see it now, Donald and the “Greatest Show on Earth”.

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