Vitamin L … A jumbo dose of Laughter

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

—Proverbs 17:22

Thank God, God has a sense of humor. And he wants us to have one, too. Nope, I am not going to tell God jokes. I can’t remember a jokes. And I am not sure if God meant to make jokes about him. I will have give him a ring or send him a text. I am sure he has a smart phone.

But I believe that God wants us to laugh and have joy. He does’t want us to carry all of the world’ problems on our shoulders. I tend to carry more on left shoulder than on my right, because my left shoulder hangs lower.

Oh, that’s my purse that I hang on my left shoulder.

I can tell you this. I used to carry the world’s burdens on my shoulder. I thought it was my duty. I was in charge of world problems. In that frame of mind, I also mean other people’s problems that they told me about. I put them in my problem satchel and toted them with me.

No wonder I got heavy.

Well, I am still heavy, but not with burdens. Yes, I have my share of what shall I call, concerns, but my heart is much lighter. My head is more sorted.

I take my trash to the dump. I now take and gladly give my concerns/problems, to God. He has a very large carrying case.

In doing so, I can be, in spirit, much lighter. I can laugh at myself, my weirdo thoughts, my self-important moments, with abandon.

As difficult as life can be, my sense of humor has gotten me through. It can be a guttural snort parade of laughs, or a chuckle I give to myself … what an elixir that is.

When out and about, especially in little restaurants, I love to hear people laugh. It makes me laugh. When I hear good laughter, I think to myself, wow, that person is taking a good dose of God’s medicine.

I am not talking about evil or mean laughter. Hurtful words that are said as jokes. Have you ever had someone say something hurtful to you, and then when you tell them they hurt your feelings, they say, “I was JUST kidding.”

Nope, they probably weren’t. Some comments just aren’t funny or kind and calling them a joke does not make it so.

God knows the difference between good laughter and humans being mean-spirited.

Yesterday morning, before we left for Ohio, I wrote a post for my Susan Hipkins DeBow page that updated people on why I was putting my time into writing this page. I thought it was pretty good. It said good things, or at least I thought it did. I saved it toward the end. I did a select all and copy. I usually email it to myself so that if I lose it on FB, I can have another copy.

But yesterday, I went to a different page to copy the Bible verse, and when I went back to FB, my post was gone … bye-bye … hasta la vista. But I wasn’t to see it later.

I wanted to swear, but since I was writing about spirituality and how studying for this writing, it has helped me, I thought swearing was probably not the best response. I skulked for a nano second and told Nick that I had lost my post. He said I could rewrite it in the car.

But I couldn’t. Sometimes, I can almost do it. But yesterday’s was not one of those. I had to turn to what I have learned and say, well, let it go. God must not have thought it was that swell. And I laughed and let it go.

That, my friends, is big. And you know what? It felt so good. It wasn’t meant to be.

And I laughed. I laughed at thinking I had gotten to the point that I would not make such an error. I laughed at myself the day before yesterday when I came out of Walmart and looked at the cars and thought, oh no … where did I park, and I ended up using my key to unlock the car door and then lock it so I could hear the horn beep. I did that about three times, when like a hound dogs with the scent of liver, I sniffed out my car.

I could have gotten irked with myself, but I laughed. I am a human nutjob.

Yessirreebob, life throws problems in our way, situations that give us the opportunity to learn or see what we are made of, but life is also about living with joy, laughing, making others laugh and not carrying around them around our necks as if they were yokes and we were oxen. That is a good yoke.

And so, before I accidentally lose this post, I am going to select all, cope and share.

And I hope we all get to share some laughs today. It is the best vitamin there is.


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